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Our Mission is to achieve excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and sound financial performance while retaining qualified staff.


Our Commitment is that we have a social responsibility towards our business partners and towards the community where we operate, thus leading to acting in accordance with international recognized practices and sustainable development.


EM had adopted corporate guidelines which comply with applicable laws and regulations in the Sultanate of Oman. We have implemented health, safety and environment policies. Working together with our business partners, we tirelessly strive to contribute towards the country development.


Our Vision

  • To achieve profitable growth through satisfactory customer service, quality, reliability and commitment.

  • To build shareholder value by delivering quality services and solutions in cost effective ways.




EM Managing Personnel:


Managing Partner:

Mr. Fawzi R. Mushantaf



General Manager (Electrical)



General Manager (Mechanical)

Mr. Edy N. Slim

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