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In the performance of all activities, EM makes every effort to avoid actual or even merely potential conflicts of interest. Cases of conflict of interest shall also include cases in which a company member works to satisfy an interest other than that of the company, in order to benefit personally.

  •  EM shall behave in a transparent manner in accordance with the Sultanate regulations, including contractual terms which govern the company’s relations with the Authorities and abstain from any actions which might constitute illegal dealings or offerings.
  • Compliance activities of EM are mainly identified as prevention and monitoring by following EM - ISO Quality Management System. For prevention, we offer employee training; manuals and necessary tools. For monitoring: in case of problems, we try to seek the root cause of problems to improve and try to prevent recurrence through education which is consisted of policy, management system and structural culture.


The term Authorities shall refer to Sultanate of Oman local government or community authority, and any independent public body, agency or administrative authority and its organizational structure, as well as any person or entity acting as a public official or the representative of a public service in Oman.



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