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EM with its commercial suppliers and customers are of vital importance for its growth and success. The professionalism and motivation of the work force are essential factors for the pursuance of the corporate objectives. EM is therefore committed to developing the skill levels and stimulating the abilities and potential of its employees.

EM is committed to ethical conduct, offering equal work opportunities to all employees based on their specific professional qualities and performance potential, without any discrimination, also guaranteeing working conditions which respect the dignity of the individual and their personal beliefs and opinions.

 EM’s members shall comply with the principles it contains, and shall conform to the law, corporate procedures and internal regulations. Under no circumstances shall pursuance of the Company’s interest justify behavior in breach of or not in conformity with the said regulations and procedures.

EM management believes in the principles of ethics, transparency and honesty.

Relations with customers, in both the public and private sectors, are based on a sense of responsibility and a spirit of transparency and collaboration.

Relationships between employees are based on ethics, collaboration, loyalty and mutual respect.



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